Hensfrenic Car Auction

Purchasing of cars just got so easy!

With our contact and manufacturers, you can get a variety of cars from U.S.A and Canada.

•No stress

•Fast and Easy Shipping & Delivery


Types of cars

Cars imported are of three(3) types.

Clean cars

Clean cars are neatly used, affordable and of different designs. They will be purchased, shipped and delivered to any location of your choice.

Brand new car

These are cars that are made on request or cars that not been in use. Most people prefer this because it’s brand new and has never been used. This is quite expensive unlike the other types of cars.

Salvage cars

These are cars that a slightly damaged and been repaired. Cars under this Category are inexpensive and some people prefer this.


At Hensfrenic International, we help you sort out the best cars for your needs.

  • Without much stress, you can get the car of your dream.
  • Availability of different car with varieties of design
  • Affordable and you don’t have to break the bank to get yours.
  • Cars that suit your flexibility

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