December 27, 2022

Sad: woman beat maid of 10yrs to death ..photo

Jerry B. Achirkpi, a local singer from Benue State, has pleaded for justice on behalf of his small daughter, Precious, whom he believes was murdered by a lady.


‌ November 17, 2022, he posted an alarm on Facebook on the purported “kidnapping” of Precious, which marked the beginning of his desire for justice and assistance.

“HELP OOOOOOOOO. Kidnapper give me my daughter, where are you PP. PRECIOUS please come back. Your daddy miss you. Come and see your new born brother EXCELLENT. Someone should help me. I need my daughter back,” he wrote.

In his most recent Facebook post, which was published on December 18, he asserted that Mrs. Ujunwa Ugwoke had been detained in relation to the purported death and disappearance of his daughter.

He claims that although the woman admitted to beating his daughter to death to the Anti-Kidnapping unit of the Enugu State Police Command, she has refused to show him her body.


The angry parent added, “They keep on telling me stories everyday,” that the police were being ineffective.

“PLEASE I NEED HELP ( KIDNAPPING AND MURDER) MRS UJUNWA UGWOKE confirmed before anti-kidnapping squad Enugu that is kidnapped and killed my beautiful daughter MISS PRECIOUS KORSHIMA (PP JERRY B) after failing to collect ransom of N20,000,000 from me,”

“She claimed that she beat her to death, but refused to show me the dead body of my daughter that she dropped the dead body in the bush close to a community and the chief of that community order the youths to burn the corpse.

She has been under anti-kidnapping over 1 month now and police are not helping matters , they keep on telling me story everyday. Please I NEED JUSTICE. I NEED HELP. I NEED MY LITTLE PRECIOUS. Please share it to reach my help,”