November 5, 2022


Teach Ours is offering you a chance to win an HP Laptop, A Pocket Modem with 40GB Data, and 50,000 Naira cash prize.

In order to participate for these prizes you need to follow 5 Easy Steps

Step 1: Visit www.teachours.com , go to FREE COURSES, Enroll for one of the free courses.

Step 2: Study the course you enrolled for

Step 3: Once you finish studying the course, print your certificate of completion, download the certificate and send it to our email address at info@teachours.com

Step 4: Write a review at the end of the course

Step 5: Follow all Teach Ours social media platforms:
Facebook: @teachours
Instagram: @teach_ours
Twitter: @teach_ours
LinkedIn: teach ours

And share the video ad on your social media platforms. Here is the link to the video ad: https://youtu.be/IzmZRomTXHU

For more information, contact us via email at info@teachours.com

Visit us at www.teachours.com