January 6, 2022

Government to exonerate Dowen college over death of Sylvester ..full details..sad video below ..


I am utterly shocked that the Lagos State Government will exonerate Dowen College of any responsibility in the death of Sylvester Oromoni.They also went on to clear the five accused students of any involvement in the boy’s death. The Lagos State Government opined that Sylvester died from Acute Pneumonia and Septicemia. Let us even for the sake of argument agree that this was the case, what was a boy with acute pneumonia and septicemia still doing in school when he was supposed to be on admission in a Hospital? Then you absolve the School of any responsibility in the death? Isn’t that negligence on the part of Dowen College?

Secondly the Warri autopsy mentioned a lot of details -lung damage, chemical inhalation, eroded lining of the stomach, black substance in the stomach, severe bodily injuries etc the autopsy result from LASUTH did not mention any of these. The Lagos State Government chose to disregard the Warri report and relied sorely on the Lagos report. Watching the Oromoni video you could clearly see all the injuries. How come the Lagos report did not mention any of these? They safely chose septicemia which they attributed to acute pneumonia. Did Pneumonia cause Sylvester to have severe bodily injuries? Did Pneumonia cause Sylvester a dislocated ankle? Did Pneumonia cause Sylvester to have severely scalded lips akin to burns from a corrosive substance?

Thirdly,Dowen College kept mentioning Football. That he sustained injuries while playing football. How come Dowen College never mentioned Pneumonia.

It was reported that one of the accused students boasted in a leaked message that nothing will come out of this case and with what we are seeing now,that appears to be the case.

The Lagos State Government with this report is saying that Sylvester died of natural causes, that there was no malice involved in his death, there was no beating, no chemical poisoning. They’re saying that all we saw in that video was a lie.The Lagos State Government is saying that no one will be charged with murder or manslaughter concerning this case. They’re also saying that Dowen College did no wrong.

I am very sad and disappointed at this report by the Lagos State Government. I wonder what the Oromoni family will be going through right now. This is just too much to bear. First they had to watch their son die in an excruciating manner, now they have had pepper rubbed into their wounds with this report from the Lagos State Government.