April 7, 2022

Popular Nollywood ctress Nkechi Blessing claim she is a lesbian…

Popular Nollywood Actress Nkechi Blessing has, with her full chest, confessed that she is a member of the LGBTQ community.

The actress was accused of giving her husband divided attention in order to pursue her lesbianism.

This was revealed by her husband during a messy divorce saga.

He went further to say that he didn’t want to be associated with anything that would spoil the good name he has worked for and he wants to be known as someone who has added value to people.

Nkechi, reacting to what at that time was a mere allegation, said it is not surprising she is a lesbian, and her husband knew before wedding her.

According to her, she was initiated into it a long time ago, quizzing the concerned netizens how her confession affects their lives.

In an Instagram live video she made to lambast her estranged husband, she said she is now open for a ‘collaboration with a fine and sexy woman’.

“I am coming out with my full chest that I am a lesbian. What now happen. I am a lesbian so will this life end?,” she fumed.

According to her, she is now at a point when nothing disappoints her or any allegation hits her hard.

Nkechi Blessing wed her politician husband, Falegan Opeyemi on 10 June 2021, but almost a year after their union, she said she had not benefited in any way.

While her husband accused her of infidelity, she also accused him on being broke and financing his life and political career with her hard-earned money.

She also added that his manhood is not working and lesbianism is a better choice than having another male sexual partner.